watching "Alien" with my 10 year old

my little girl has been looking at my collection of dvd's and im watching certain movies with far she is liking the avp movies i hope i can trick her in to skipping alien 3.
I can beat that. I saw A L I E N age 6!
My father didn't realise I was standing behind his
Armchair when he slamed the VHS into the top loader.

Guess I should be happy it was a feature film and not
Anything 'continental'.
A friend is much into makeup effects, horror movies, etc. He had his little girl watching stuff like the Evil Dead films well before she turned 10, explaining how all of it was made. Takes a lot of the scare factor out when you know exactly how they made it happen.
Saw ALIENS when I was around five or six years old. Had one heck of an epiphany when I saw Ripley gearing up to rescue Newt in the elevator.

"Girls can be action heroes to?"

To tell you the truth, Star Trek: The Motion Picture scared me more than ALIEN or ALIENS. That's not me wisecracking at the film's faults. It really did scare me as a kid. The dark, luminous cloud with Jerry Goldsmith's blaster beam score, the transporter accident, the mind meld.
My five year old son has watched all 4 Alien films with me as well as predator 1,2 and predators (Predators in the theater) :). And AvP 1 &2.

I saw the Alien films around the same age...he loves them.

I do however employ the old hands over eyes trick during certain scenes.
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When I was four, I went to the cinema with my father to watch Alien 3. I loved it so much that my father had to rent me both Alien and Aliens the following days.

I don't know if it's because the child memories or what, but I still watch Alien 3 a lot and I still believe it's frakking awesome as an horror sci-fi movie.

The point is: I don't think children should be forbidden to see horror movies. What scares a child is not the monster, it's the parents' reaction. It's that "no way kid, close your eyes or you will have nightmares" attitude that creates the fear when the kid grows older. I had a cousin that had nightmares when he was like 12 because he saw Men in Black... he had an over-protective mother who always made sure the kid would never see anything with monsters on tv. Instead, I went to see Alien 3 and Nightmare on elm Street part 6 on the cinema when I was less than 5, and I still love horror cinema (although it has never scared me and I'm afraid it never will)

I even remember watching Robocop and Predator on tv instead of cartoons when I was like 1 or 2 year-old. Those movies really give you some strong memories when you're that young, lol
The Alien movies are rated M15+ over here. I'm not a parent yet, but I don't think I'd let a young kid watch them, particularly 3 and 4. I don't know if society has changed, but those movies would have scared the crap out of me as a 10 year old. I saw Poltergeist for my 13th birthday and STILL don't think that it was an appropriate movie for me to see at that age!

No offence intended, but I'm a little disturbed by this. I just think there is plenty of other quality, age appropriate movies for kids to enjoy rather than adult level horror, gore and concepts. Each to their own.

i agree that it depends on the kid,my 10 year old loves stuff like that but my 6 year old is the typical little girl and jumps at "scary" commercials .i have always told my kids that the movies are just people in suits and cg.I do not let either of them have free reign through my movie collection,anything with sex or nudity is off limits unless i watch it with them and i skip the part or tell them to cover the eyes.
I'd probably let them watch the tv edited versions when they're younger and then let them go from there as they get older. My folks actually only ever had issues with nudity. Sadly I wasn't exactly the bravest kid and spooked easily. Sad thing is the stuff in the older movies are nothing compared to what's on NCIS and those types of shows these days.
watched alien for the first time when I was 5, I was one of those kids who loved horror and gore and never got scared. My dad still likes to boast about hte fact I carried a copy of maniac cop around with me when I was 5/6.

I thought alien 3 was no bad, alien 4 sucked, and please please please dont get me started on the bucket of mississippi stool water that is AVP.
I remember seeing Alien 3 in the theater (a drive-in!) when I was 9 and loving it. We talk about it being a bad series for kids, but I remember all of those Aliens/Colonial Marines toys being advertised in the 90's.
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