Warning to fellow models about a Bogus site.


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Be care you guys of this site!!!!

Apparently these guys are thieves stay away from them! I bought a Bandai Y Wing 1/11/20 and received a confirmation and a couple auto generated emails but that was it. No model no real response. There is no phone number or physical address to contact them. Their site looked legit enough, but that unfortunately is not the case. Fortunately we use a totally separate account for online purchases with very little cash in it. This has saved us a few times. I posted in G.M., so as to get more modelers to notice the warning.

So stay away from HobbyModels.com “Your plastic model connection it says.”

There is an address and phone number on their facebook page but not the site along with complaints of them being thieves. The phone # is not in service.

P.O. Box 235
South Canaan, Pennsylvania 18436

(855) 204-0006
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