Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, Stormcast Eternal

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    I am slowly starting a project to make a Stormcast Eternal from the new Age of Sigmar from Games Workshop.

    It's basically the new Warhammer Fantasy Battles edition where the old world has ended and chaos won.
    There is some of controversy about the rules and the miniatures on how they look like 40k space marines. Some people really hate it. Some like it.
    My initial project was to start figuring out a space marine, but I'd rather do something with the fantasy battles. I did also consider the new warcraft movie armour but have now decided on this.

    image from http://www.beastsofwar.com/age-of-sigmar/warhammer-world-age-sigmar-liberator-statue/

    Current status: Gathering information, project planning, digital asset creation.

    If anyone else is also doing one then please share a linkshare your info here :)
    Im going to look at pileruds space marine stuff for build inspration.

    Plan is pepakura foam or fibreglass helmet (starting there)
    Foam shield
    Foam, wood and industrial filler for the hammer with purple leather on the handle.
    Then the chestplates in foam
    Shoulderpads in foam
    Absplate in foam
    Belt and "skirt" in leather
    Sword in foam, wood and purple leather handle.
    And then the rest in foam.

    Everything is going to be scaled to fit me.

    This is another projects among my other ones. But this one I thought I would share as I build it.
    Any file I create I will share here.
    Planning on spending some time on it. I'll make a timetable plan soon.

    Cheers for looking :)
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    It should look pretty awesome. Are you going gold like the statue
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    I see now. It looks kool with the blue and purple.
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    Like that..:thumbsup
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    Cheers guys.


    Yay, finally I have something to show.
    So the plan is to work some more on this,. and then make it with pepakura and fibreglass. Then wrap it in worbla, sprayfiller and sanding,. then try to paint it to look like metal. Ideas are changing all the time.

    I also did some foam test and paint tests with the Retribution Armour paint from Games Workshop
    The orange is a test for The Martian spacesuit that I am also trying to build.

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    Definitely find an alternative to that paint, it's going to get expensive. I look forward to seeing this.
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