Warhammer 40k Plague Marine & Plaguebearer


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Hello all!

It's been a while since we've posted here, so we figured it was about time we changed that. Last November we started this project in hopes that they would be finished in time for Dragon Con this year. We normally don't dabble too much into full costumes but, with each one of our personal projects, we always try to incorporate new techniques and mediums. With lots of other projects and commissions taking up time, we've finally cleaned the way to hopefully get these finished.

For anyone unfamiliar with Warhammer 40k, pictured below is an artwork piece depicting a Plagebearer (demon foot soldier of the chaos god Nurgle) and a Plague Marine (traitor Adeptus Astartes dedicated to Nurgle).


The bulk of the Plague Marine build will be done with EVA foam (for cost and weight), then coated in Smooth On's Epsilon Pro. The build started with the boots/stilts. Being 6' 4" I didn't have to make the stilts too tall to get myself to the average Astartes height (between 7' -8'). The build will also centralize around the MKIII pattern armor, which was favored by the Death Guard during the Horus Heresy for its extra resilience:

Stilts.jpg Stilts w. Shoes.jpg

From there we worked on up (scaling from a Games Workshop model):

Lower Leg Armor.jpg Lower Leg Armor Front.jpg Leg joint Groin.jpeg

The "soft" exposed joints of the armor were created from a ridged master, molded and cast with Smooth On's FlexFoam-It! X (dyed black) and assembled as a series of stacked rings. (Test fit the first few above).

We modeled the body after the MKIII with the modified gut plate (added post corruption to hold back/in the marines mutated bloated body and guts). This will eventually have a large exposure added with intestines pouring out.

Body Side.jpg Test Fit Front.jpeg Test Fit Back.jpeg

Arms and shoulders are well underway, but we don't have any photos of them yet.

Chris' Plaguebearer started off of a white zentai suit and a bunch of muscles sculpted from L200 foam, skinned with 1/8" upholstery foam and layered with latex. Plaguebears also have bloated, grotesque stomachs and exposed spines.

L200 Muscles.jpg Skinned Front.jpg Skinned Back.jpg

The Plaguebearer required a lot of sculpting for the hands and head. These were sculpted in Monster Clay and stone molds made (Ultracal 30) so they could be cast with latex.

Hand Sculpts.jpeg Head Sculpt.jpg Head Pre Mold.jpeg Guts.jpg

The nails, teeth, and horn were all molded and cast separate with Smooth On's Smooth-cast 305 resin. We also sculpted a heap of intestines and cast them with Smooth On's Dragon Skin silicone (the above cast had too much flesh pigment added), these will appear on both costumes.

That all we have for now! Let us know what you think and feel free to ask any questions. We'll have more progress soon.


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Love it! Especially the plague bearer. Disease, Decay, Death and Destruction for papa Nurgle.
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Bit of an update on the Plaguebearer.

The head mold turn out good enough, along with the horn cast (roto-cast Smooth-On's Smooth Cast 305, back filled with Foam-It! 8) The picture below was from one of our test fittings we did, after we started layering on the latex for the skin.
IMG_20180615_101248280.jpg IMG_20180617_182315801.jpg

We also painted up its eye: