Warhammer 40k Bolt Pistol


I've been working on a Warhammer 40k Bolt Pistol for about 6 weeks now, and just finished it up today!

For those who aren't familiar with Warhammer 40k, the Bolt Pistol is the smaller version of the Bolt Gun, the most iconic weapon in the universe and often credited as being the reason man was able to conquer the stars. Bolt Pistols are usually only carried by important people and they are often passed down through families as sacred heirlooms.

My bolt pistol had humble origins as pink foam and mdf board.

I sheathed the visible pink foam in styrene, and cut off a nerf maverick grip (and added the mag)

More details were added using styrene and wood, and it was primed before molding (the barrel isn't attached at this point)

I made the details for the side of the gun separately. My plan was to cast them separately as well and attach them later. That way I could make different details later without having to rework the main gun body.

Then I made mold of all the pieces and cast them in resin (except the barrel, which is pvc pipe with a couple of holes drilled and cut to length)


And finally, the resin pieces were assembled and primed. Then it was given its paint job. This is supposed to be the personal side arm of a former Cadian Imperial Guard officer, hence the color scheme.


There's still a few minor details I want to add before calling it completely finished, and I'm debating whether or not I want to weather the gun a bit and make it look like it's seen a few battles.

It was a blast to build and in the end it weighs around 6 pounds so it has some serious heft to it. It really feels like you could use it as a club when you run out of ammo ;)

Hope you like it!
Thanks for the compliments all! I'm glad it's well received since I know the forums generally don't have much interest in game props hehe.

that looks awsome dude , do you have any templates or a working drawing you could pm me , quite fancy one my self

I attached the blueprint I worked from. This picture is from the Dark Heresy roleplaying game and in print it's only about 1 inch long. I measured my maverick handle and then scaled the image up to match. Scaling the image up that much made the lines thick and fuzzy, but I saw it as margin of error hehe.

Also, here's some pics of my wife holding the gun for scale:



Question: Could you give me the measurements of it approximately? I mean, how large the whole thing is and how large pieces of it are?

By the way, it looks great.
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