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WOW. All I can say is how cool this prop is. Kenny Custom Props really knocked this out of the park. What a great piece this is. The craftsmanship is just too much. The level he went to to is something I don't know if I'd go there. I heard from someone who attended Comic Con that they were being sold there. I hope they have more of these cause I'd buy one and I don't collect props. You can see all of the pictures on his Facebook site

Kenney's Custom Props, LLC | Facebook
its just a shame theyre not accessible for us lowly common folk: ie, not rich :p Their price seems to be a little influenced by the ending price of the one PIH sold.
Hi Dr Talyn...
The price from PIH had nothing to do with the price set for the QMx run. Studio licensing costs, materials, shipping, workers, utilities, marketing, more studio licensing etc etc is what creates the final numbers. It's a shame I couldn't make these cheaper to an amount more fans could afford but it was out of my control.

P.S. You're not lowly common folk to me... you're one of the fans. I'm just sorry I couldn't do better on the numbers.
oh its hardly your fault, they gotta make a profit. I just hope in the future they do a more mass production type route to lower the costs.
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