Warehouse 13 ID Badges


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I'm contemplating making some ID bagdes for my sis for Christmas. I wondered if anyone has made any or has any decent screen shots of the Warehouse 13 ID badges?

Any help would be great, cheers!


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don't know if you've searched already but I've found some IRS ID's here:


and these on Google:





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The blue ones are based on the Official web sites version where you can register to be a warehouse agent.
Once signed up they are supposed to send you a copy to print out but I never got mine so I screen capped off the site.


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Cheers, that has helped, does anyone know which is generally used, if at all, in the programme?

I have done a quick trial of the white and maroon card. Will upload pictures in a little while, opinions greatly appreciated!

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They just use their Secret Service badges or fake IRS badges seen in the episode where characters from B movies kept materializing around town.


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Made a couple of different ID Badges now, hopefully she'll like em. I was wondering whether anyone has a clear and in focus image of the blue ID card, I have checked google, syfy etc and can't find a decent 1 :cry

Any help would be appreciated!


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I am looking for a good template for the official WH13 ID. I can't get a grab of the Profile Creator because mine still says "pending approval"

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You'll have to supply the specialty glyphs yourself.


I never got the card but my file with card shows up.
This one is from a buddy of mine, I just removed the name. picture and glyphs.
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