Warehouse 13 Farnsworth


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Hi, looking for a replica farnsworth as used on warehouse 13 to convert to add a USB drive, anybody have one or know of one? failing that anyone know of a complete guide to building one detailing parts used and where to get parts from.

Thanks Guys.


division 6

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Search function will show you everything you ever wanted to know about the Farnsworth.


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have trawled through the rather large amount of posts but was wondering if someone had a complete one for sale or one of the very talented people here had created a definitive guide, as although the threads themselves are very good the info is somewhat fragmented.




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Don't expect for things to be handed out on a platter, some work is required :). I know people have posted some of the parts and supplies they have located, but we don't have a Farnsworths for Dummies guide here.


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Thanks for the feedback, I fully understand and appreciate what you are saying but don't flame the newbie, I am new to this and just wanted to seek some help from some of the vast wealth of talent on this board, like the old saying 'if you don't ask you don't get'. I have been researching and have had some great help from 'deck5' and 'zombie killer'.

Thanks for your time guys
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