Warehouse 13 - Dead Rent button


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(I haven't posted very often, so I'm sure the mods will bust me if this is out-of-line...)

On the recent episode of Warehouse 13, Claudia gets invited to join the band Dead Rent. When she is recruited, the lead guitarist (?) pins a button on her jacket:

I put together this logo:

I sent it in to WackyButtons.com I think it's a 1-inch button. They can print them for you at $2.50 each (as I recall).

Just thought I'd share.
I don't suppose you got a screen cap in the same episode of her Ace of Spades necklace did you? I've been scouring the web for lookalikes and so far nada.
That's great, thanks for sharing! I'm working on a Claudia costume, and this will help my authenticity, since i was just gonna find whatever buttons. :)
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