War of the Worlds War machine finished!


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Straight out of the box.

Hardest part to paint for a realistic look was actually the earth design base LOL!




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Looks really good. I've been thinking of getting one of these too. Getting the copper color right is the problem but you nailed it.


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It's the 1/35 scale offering by Pegasus. They also make a two pack with diorama base and tanks in 1/144 scale.


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Nice job, Gerardo! What did you use for the copper color finish, please?

Speaking of Pegasus, they have some of the best value for the money available today. I only hope I can convince them to expand their 'beginning modeler' kits from 1/48 WWII aviation subjects to modern armor subjects in 1/48 scale (but perhaps the license fees are keeping them at bay?) Dang corporate mindset! Arggh!

Sorry, didn't mean to get all grumpy in your thread, G!


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hey Robert thanks for the nice words!

I used Krylon copper premium/prestige line, it comes in a smaller 227g can, the cap is copper plated but when sprayed on is more of satin copper finish which I expected as no spray paints have a real chrome finish, it sprays on very smooth, I like to apply heavy coats rather than several thin one for a much smoother finish, or you can apply one light coat then wet sand and apply a final heavy coat.

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