War Machine Foam Armour Completed Pics UP!


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Hi all, I made a foam War Machine. Don Robert and Izabel gave me a headstart by making the arms, legs and helmet, so all i had to do was complete the chest and torso area. Havent had a chance to take proper pics in it, hence the lame ones! I also did a rush paint job for the and hence it came out disappointing. I am gg to paint it again enjoy!!! oh yeah, the gatling gun was not mounted as i got a fren to go clubbing in it!


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you left the seat up, but i don't imagine its easy to use the toilet with that on either


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How do people get the chest and eyes lit, and how do you see? Looks great, so I thought I'd ask...

On my build for my son, I used a string of 20 LED Christmas lights (battery powered) for the eyes. I used 5 LED's per eye and placed them in between layers of blue-tinted plastic (from cheap sunglasses and a white plastic backing.

In this photo the white plastic backing isn't on yet...

You then have to black-out the glow into the helmet or it spills out everywhere.

Here is a look at what the foam and black painted inside of the faceplate looked like when I was done 'blacking-out' the faceplate.

You can see how much space I built into the slots under the eyes - for a better view for Mikey.

And, here, is a look at the faceplate attached to the helmet - and you can also see the on/off switch of the battery pack (which sits under that foam).

The extra space below the lights can be seen from THIS angle...

But at a regular viewing angle it becomes very small...

Hope that helps! :):thumbsup
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