War Machine costume for 5 year old


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Been browsing through theRPF and the 405th for awhile now, and finally decided I might have read enough to start my own build. Im currently in the process of pepping a War Machine armor for my son. Figured I should be done with this by halloween.

I forget whose files I'm using cause I renamed them on my laptop, but I know I got some files from Juice, Dubean & Robo, so thank you so much for sharing.

I'm messing with the scaling, cause I want it to look super-deformed (the cartoons with the big heads and feet and stuff).

Here are some pics:


The helmet is the only thing I've been able to glass and bondo so far.
I'm a little hesitant about putting in the eyepiece, might really mess up with his visibility (any suggestions?)



The bicep, forearm & shin seem to fit my son perfect (and have that nice super-deformed concept I'm going for). Think I'll make the shoulders a little bigger.

Looks cool! I wish we could get our two 5yr olds together this Halloween - they'd be the dynamic duo! lol

I actually worked with my son for quite a while on the eyes. He wanted them to light up, and he didn't mind looking out smaller slits. I also image the faceplate will be UP most of the time, so visibility won't be much of issue.

If was doing it over, I'd just put some thicker plexi in the eye's with some LED's pointed down on the top edge. That would provide a nice 'glow' but allow him to still see out of the full eye space.

Add a mirrored sun glasses lens behind the lit plexi and you'd also NOT be able to see your son's eyes... just the glow.

Can't wait to see how it turns out for you! I started with resin pep parts and have now moved to foam building (to provide more comfort as he wears it). I'll be very interested to see how your full resin suit will come out! I'm sure it will be killer!!!

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