War Machine Build - Planning.

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    I have previously made a suit out of foam. But my plan is to make another and mold it then cast one. I like the Juice File But I also Like the SD or HD files. Just asking what file should I try. I am currently making this suit out of foam Core board. Not foam. I have already made the Juice file that Stealth modified. But I am currently making the SD war machine Back. Since I am just starting I will be able to easily move to one and not parts of both.

    the Juice/Stealth files

    or the

    Robo SD Files
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    Re: War Machine Build - Help

    tbh i got most of the HD set done (only need 1 more leg part and 1 arm part and i'm done pepping).
    the movability is low but hey its made to look awesome not run track in it ;)
    you can move ok if you scale it right tho.
    i can walk in it and jog even it just comes down to propper scaling

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