Want to Buy Wanted: custom character mask 3D model/resin

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Hello to all of the 3D modelers and resin-crafters out there. I would like to ask if any of you were open to making me a custom white resin mask. It's an extremely simple design, fairly similar to the masks worn by those kids in nightmare before Christmas or the cat mast worn by Zacharie from the game Off (if you have seen any of those, you might be able to understand what I have in mind), but honestly this design is waaaay more minimalistic. I have a sketch for the design and look I'm after attached.

The Character
The concept is an antihero character of mine who is a sort of "anthro cat person" who, instead of having an animalistic face, dons a semi-creepy mask to cover a more humanoid face. The design for the mask is the white face with two almond-shaped holes for eyes.

The Ever-Important Details
The mask needs to provide an illusion of depth in the eyes to sort of give the look of being set into the head with sort of empty sockets. Another benefit of deep-set eyes would be so I can add a mesh from the backside to hide my actual eyes. I may also choose to do a white pupil floating in the black socket, so the deep socket would allow for a follow-me effect (any inserts for the eyes would be added by me after I get the mask, so no need to worry about it. Just wanted to give my idea and reasoning behind it.)
2. Secondly, I'd like the ear points to be flush with the convex face in the front, but also add a bit of a pyramid shape in the back, as though they were resting on the head. No need for that part to be very big or bulky. Just want skinny ear stalks, sort of similar to the Batman cowl, I suppose.
3. I'd like it to be affixed to some kind of simple (but attractive) black cowl or balaclava. Most of it will be hidden, but I still want the visible part to be visually pleasing. A detatchable feature would also be handy for care.
4. The mask should be white - as white as my dancing, which is really white - but I havent decided on a kind of finish. I would be open to taking opinions from you, the maker, once the piece starts to take shape.

The Catch
My idea is for the project to be finished before July 1 - the absolute latest - but ideally I'd like to have it in my hands much sooner.

The Offer
As far as a price range goes, my budget is $60 for the resin mask and cowl. I'm not sure what to ask for if someone was only capable of providing the 3D model and not the finished piece. Of course, I am definitely open to talking about adjusting the prices.

Thanks so much for taking the time to give my post a read. Any help or advice you think you can offer me, I'd much appreciate it. And by this I mean other ideas for materials, like plastic vs resin, or better ways to affix it to my head, or different ideas for finishes, or anything else. Hope you guys have a wonderful day and hey, maybe my idea could inspire you a bit!

Can't wait to hear from you!


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