Wanted: BTTF Costumers for the dragoncon parade!


Parade registration is closed, but I reserved space for 5 bttf costumes + my delorean.

If you're attending and would like to march in the parade, this is your last chance! Post here or PM/email me!

iycis, that'd be awesome. Female Marty and Doc would be pretty awesome…. :)


Sweet! I've been going to Dragon Con for many years but I have never bothered to wake up for the parade. Apparently, the offer to walk with a Delorean is what it takes for me to be interested finally.

PM me the details on where we need to meet you and what time. Thanks!
a girl as marty?? what's next a girl playing peter pan?
Actually years ago, they would use a girl to play Peter Pan... Because if he is a boy forever, it would be awkward if Peter Pan's voice cracked at one point during the show. lol.:lol

The real reason, I guess, is because they could have a competent adult play the character... Without the deep voice.
Why not a woman playing Marty? I seem to recall reading somewhere that Fox's stunt double for the dragging scene in Part III was a woman!
Sadly there's not really a good place to display it....and I'd rather not pay to park it when I can just drive it home (less than a mile from the con....)

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