Want to get back into modeling with an 18" TOS Enterprise.


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Hey all, title says it all, I am jonsing to start building models again, and plan to start with the AMT TOS E, I know there are a lot of accurizing parts out there, but was wondering if some of you might have a pre-build grocery list of the best picks, so far I plan to get:

The Model
Accurate Decal Kit
Window Decal Kit
Correct Nacels

Thanks in advance for any assistance!
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Go to the store at Cult TV Man and get some of the detail sets. Accurate BC decks, clear nacelle domes, photoetch grills etc. Even lighting kits. Good luck on the build and have fun :thumbsup
Well, how is your skill set? Reason I ask is the 18" E can be built somewhat easily without having to resort to A LOT of aftermarket bits. If your paint and build skills are up to snuff, then I can see adding some aftermarket bits to it. But, if you are just starting out, I would be more in favor of focusing on construction as opposed to trying to cram a lot of parts onto it as basic construction and paintwork will go a long way towards making the ship look good regardless of what resin is on it (although a bridge dome and deflector dish will make the most improvements for the least amount of money IMHO).

I've put together one Youtube video that showcases some of the basic building techniques and tricks I've come up with for 18" Enterprises over the years. I've also got a set of videos documenting my build of a studio scale replica of the USS Constellation using an old 18" long box kit as well. Check it out:

18" Starship Enterprise Building tips and techniques - YouTube

As for kit, decal and window set, if you get any of the Round 2 AMT reissues (either the AMT 610 boxing with the reproduction long box artwork or the Tholian Web edition, or the tin versions) you get a very accurate decal sheet which HAS windows on it to do the model with lighted or unlit windows. R2 pretty much just blew up the artwork from their 1/1000 Polar Lights kit to do it, but they added names and NCC numbers for the other starships. Here's my review of the kit over at CultTVman.com


Buy one of these and you can literally kill three birds with one stone. :)
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JMC, thank you very much for the feedback, I used to be advanced, but got side traced into costume crating and sewing 17th century stuff due to a fascination with being a Cavalier. So I am a tad rusty, but not to much.

I did not know that about the new AMT kit's that is awesome news!

Sounds good. In that case, if you do want to go with resin accurizing bits, you can find them at Federation models and the JT Graphics sites (google is your friend for the links). JT is a relative newcomer to resin (he makes his name primarily with custom decal sheets), but he has some nicely casted parts for the 18" E and the quality looks great IMHO. CultTVman has some clear stuff as well from DLM, especially if you want to do lighting. But, lighting is one of those things that can slow down a project in my experience. I don't know if I would tackle it for the first model project back (save it for the 1/350 TOS E coming out from Round 2 models).
I got back I to modeling with the 18" enterprise a few years back. I wasn't very advanced but most of the aftermarket parts were easy to use.

I replaced:
The bridge (DLM)
Nacelle end caps (DLM)
Nacelle domes (DLM)
The deflector dish (DLM)
All decals (jt)

With patience and some good paint it will come out great. You can see my build up photos here https://picasaweb.google.com/109236449386513630877/EnterpriseAMTBuildSet3

I also got to write it up for R2's website.

Good luck.
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