Interest Wand Company 11th Doctor Sonic Screw Driver CONVERSION KIT


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A few folks here have been asking me about conversion kits, so I would figure I'd at least gauge actual interest in the kit for a standard sonic. If this run does go through, I'm planning on limiting the run to 11 kits. I can start on these as early as 2 weeks from now as I would still need to order the character options toys.

Standard conversion Price: $135 shipped

  • brackets
  • marbled resin core (green, red, or blue)
  • pre-prepped Character Options sound module
  • emitter
  • green LED
  • copper/brass connection piece
  • 2.5m set screw for handle

for an additional $5 you can purchase a new white cast resin handle section as the TWC handles are a pain to remove without actually destroying the thing

disclaimer: This conversion is recommended for experienced builders as it will require significant modification to the remote as well as basic soldering.
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After due consideration, I will also be adding a metal connection piece that joins the top and bottom halves of the sonic. In previous conversions, the two halves were joined by a plastic piece. This will now be switched out for a brass/copper assembly with no change in price. I have also included an option for purchasing a replacement white handle