Walking Dead Bicycle Girl


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Here is something I am almost finished with, the Bicycle Zombie from the first episode of The Walking Dead. The sculpture is SuperSculpey and is 1/6 scale. It will be cast in resin when finished. I love the show, and the zombie's that KNB designed have so much character. Hope you all like!



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They did a great job with her. First time you see her, she's creepy as hell. Then at the end, when Rick goes and actually talks to her, she's much more pitiful than scary.

Looking forward to seeing the finished model.


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Thanks everyone. I guess I should have mentiones it will also have a nameplate and the hair will be crepe hair, as sculpting her wispy,matted hair accurately would be problematic from a molding standpoint.


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Thanks for all the kind comments, everybody. Well, I shipped it to the producer. I guess I should have taken better pics before I did that. Here are a couple early shots of the likeness, though:

Thanks for looking!


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