Waiting on my Armor, "Anovos"


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I joined FISD back in 2012, trying to learn more about the ins and outs of the Stormtrooper from "A New Hope" well any Stormtrooper in great detail. Now here In 2015 I have ordering my order for my first Armor kit. So for the next few months (5 or 6) it's time to get back to "TK Thread School" and brush on stuff and see if there's any new tips to learn from. Also I'll need to get me a blaster kit and some boots, fan and mic kit. I'm also going to make me an "ANH Scanner Box" to transport my armor around. The box/crate carried on to the Millennium Falcon before the crew scans it, well try's to scan it. When it first lands on the Death Star. Okay back to my research, "Here's where the fun begins" hahaha, I just had to say it.

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