Wacker elastosil a07


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Hi guys. New to silicone and sfx materials. I've just finishes my first "pull-over" theatre mask. Everything went smoothly until the final phase : sealing hair (punched through the silicone). The caulking I used came off. Eventually with the advice of sfx artists, I used Wacker A07, a silicone adhesive which contains toluene as a solvent. It's supposed to cure within 12 hours per mm. I guess the average layer is about 1 mm, but given the mess that happened with the caulking it may be thicker in places (say 2, maybe 3 mm??). After 3 days it's fully cured and looks quite strong but there is still this slight unpleasant smell when you push your head inside the mask. My question is for those of you who have used this stuff, how long would you wait before you give it to an actor, to be on the safe side? I don't want to make somebody sick.
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