Interest Wabbajack (Skyrim) 1:1 Solid Resin Staff


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I had always wanted to build the Wabbajack, so a few weeks ago I started modeling it in my spare time. I ended up liking it so much that I decided to print the whole thing and prep it for molding.

It's actually hard to get a nice photo without someone else holding it!
10548203_805638262863118_8130113362792663496_o.jpg IMG_2019.jpg IMG_2020.jpg IMG_2025.jpg

The staff stands 67 inches tall and is as accurate as humanly possible to the in-game model, with every bit of wood-grain, beard ruffle, and even battle scarring exactly as it appears in-game.

Here are some detail photos of all three faces:
IMG_2165.jpg IMG_2166.jpg IMG_2167.jpg

I want to make a resin pull for myself, but I estimate it will take at least one gallon of resin for a full staff, so it's only worth it if I can sell a few extra to recoup the cost of molding.

The plan is to offer this as a solid one-piece resin kit, cast in dark grey-tinted smooth-cast 320 (possibly with an embedded metal rod, similar to Volpin's Dragon Age inquisitor staff)

Considering the size and cost of materials, price point would be around $300.

If even just a few are interested, I'll make this thread a limited run. It will be completely worth it to me as long as I can recoup molding costs.
I know there are some Sheogorath fans out there!
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