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Discussion in 'DC Costumes and Props' started by YuZheng, May 18, 2015.

  1. YuZheng

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    So guys i just got my own flash costume from a Chinese supplier.(Pm me for the details) Happy how it came out and i am waiting for Rocketeer 2.0 Flash Cowl. I am still planning to make few changes even though the suit looks great.
    6vwzcmJ.jpg 0pRlAu7.jpg cHoKSi9.jpg eIviDui.jpg lDHOXWt.jpg wPfo7VB.jpg
    The changes i am planning to make are the cowl currently will be use as a hoodie for the suit. When Rocketeer Cowl arrives i will start modify the cowl into a hoodie, have some idea for it. This suit is based on the first suit from the pilot, the suit has been change a few times over the season. (small changes)
    Will post up more info and screen shot of the actual suit changes later on.

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  2. DeJaan13

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    looking forward to it.
  3. Yarooon

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    that looks great !! pm comming
  4. YuZheng

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    Hey guys i just receive my long awaited cowl made by rocketeer a few days ago.
    I am gonna repaint the mask with a krylon burgundy colour hopefully it turns out nice.
    painted the bolts and the ring just to have an idea how it would look like.
    The cowl is two piece i cut the neck piece and plan to install a zipper to connect the two piece i will use valco.
    I need some help what glue or material should i use to stick the zipper on the cowl same for the valco and the bolt.
    The sticky adhesive isn't strong enough for the valco. Need help on putting the zipper for the neck piece hopefully one of you guys could give me some advice.
    A test fit of the full suit ( i have yet to paint the bottom bolts at the belt but so far so good.
    YUU4Rcw.jpg Srp2xC4.jpg JDgeQrG.jpg 2BLEDte.jpg FOOt09L.jpg

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  5. jrenemtz321

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    This looks great. Will the spray paint stick to the urethene cowl? I think it might flake off - perhaps somebody can chime in.
  6. ohheyitschris

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    I wasn't completely soled on this suit, but seeing it with the new cowl is fantastic!
  7. JKRIB


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    Looking good. Can't wait to start altering my costume more and get to work on my cowl. I need help assembling the cowl too, so I'll be watching this thread
  8. YuZheng

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    I gonna spray and painted first and then add a solvent type of coating which gives a Matt finish and prevents the paint from flaking off? I do the painting soon and tell you whether it works

    haha thanks still a it bummer that my body shape isn't that fit to look as good as grant gustin in a flash suit. But the cowl is still await for completion hopefully it gets even better and looks good overall.

    Hey JKRIB glad you got your cowl and can't wait to start. I got some good tips from other member to assemble the zipper and the other stuff. Not sure should I just stick the bolts with a strong glue or use some other connecting method. I give you an update with tips soon.
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  9. TheRocketeer

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    I would not paint the cowl with that paint... and its not painted..so technically your not repainting it :) I use acrylic inks through an airbrush.. the paint there will flake off and the matt finish along with it.. that paint hardens and is not flexible, while an acrylic ink is basically a think flexible plastic..simply stated but the easiest way to describe it. You can also use flex agents with the other types of paint, but you would need an hvlp gun to spray it though.. hope this helps?

    For the bolts and for the zipper I personally would use loctite or lepage superglue gel control.. I use it on all my cowls and rubber helmets..never had an issue..will tear the rubber apart before you get a bolt off :p

  10. YuZheng

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    Thanks TheRocketeer for the advice. I would have just went ahead and sprayed the cowl, at the end i just didn't paint the thing don't have an airbush. I added the lines and painted the with brush the gold ring and sprayed the matt finishing. Apparently the matt finish stick well with the cowl , its just extra protection to the cowl and removing the rubbish feeling. I got loctite glue and it work really well with the rubber like what you said. Haven't add the valco to connect the mask and neck piece, having a bit of problem the neck piece is abit too big for my neck. Maybe the way i fit it to my head is wrong not really sure or maybe my suit is compressing the neck piece. So far so good still have some touch up to do on the suit and the mask. Thank you Rocketeer once again for the lovely cowl! Haha i didn't have any head mannequin so i had to use my old pepakura as a base, ordered a foam head just to display the cowl. not at the best shape now to wear the suit, but started my workout again should be back in shape and be able look good with the suit.
    tEcqlpw.jpg N8oB6RG.jpg dNGl7KU.jpg jTR8Zie.jpg 9mN21Eu.jpg

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  11. Archer21

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    If you put the cowl on and then the jacket it won't wrinkle up like that in the back.
    Never mind I re-read that last part,
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  12. Stealthxware

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    Have you been able to figure out a way to correct the helmet wrinkling in the back?
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