W.I.P. Alvarez Shotgun.

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Hi Judges and Citizens, some already know about this build, and you have followed the process in the Brit-Cit group, I've seen the movie no longer the times,
I started my costume this past summer and have been slowly gathering information and parts on Run's or I've been making for myself,
then a week ago, I decide to look for information on the group and here in the forum, about the Alvarez shotgun, I found few references, since hardly goes a few seconds in the film, I saw that the weapon was a basis Frenchi Spas 12 and look for a Airsoft replica to start this project, the Judge friend Iain Souter, send me some pictures with some more detail, which have helped me a lot in developing..

I hope you like my project In this prop.

Reference Pictures:




Frenchi Aisoft that I use for base.
1526943_10201620837508022_325564970_n.jpg 397515_10201620837828030_1151067916_n.jpg

The mag, scaled with a lawgiver mag and frenchi shotgun, I've used various thicknesses of ABS.
1973248_10201621415122462_322090463_o.jpg 1973248_10201621415202464_747518845_o.jpg 1973248_10201621415082461_28729971_o.jpg1920455_10201621478644050_2144678467_n.jpg 1621767_10201621564606199_694488681_n.jpg 1538751_10201621566806254_2125773978_n.jpg 1013866_10201621567126262_1128219295_n.jpg 1011419_10201621567966283_1469201783_n.jpg

At this point, the sliding load is very long and must be cut and adapted to the shape you see on screen.

1013804_10201621569566323_250039764_n.jpg 1176107_10201621572046385_1347851213_n.jpg 1619116_10201621572646400_888970105_n.jpg 1898136_10201621573686426_1626053_n.jpg

Now time to start putting layers and make the gun body sections.

1972432_10201621574326442_1255232740_n.jpg 1979850_10201621574566448_1343100300_n.jpg 10001492_10201621588606799_513056279_n.jpg

Disassemble the replica, to modify the ejection port, later be impossible to do so to be sealed the replica and I continue to working..

1613919_10201621576206489_1963776151_n.jpg 1381348_10201658588811781_1415327485_n.jpg 1947402_10201658589691803_565478355_n.jpg 1957988_10201658588611776_1722904986_n.jpg 10007070_10201658590091813_823268468_n.jpg 1743545_10201658593891908_2009012931_n.jpg 1979603_10201655330490325_1422797863_n.jpg

More in the next post ..

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Hi more progress, all panels in place, details and Bondo to plug holes and leveling irregularities.

10151913_10201658593331894_935800404_n.jpg 1982062_10201658594291918_692416427_n.jpg 1907572_10201655330810333_438136455_n.jpg 10013795_10201658595011936_722623810_n.jpg
1897026_10201655331410348_1037061059_n.jpg 1525164_10201655331810358_890386626_n.jpg

After sanding, leveling, polishing far as he could, the first black primer to look for small holes or imperfections that may have passed before..

1920145_10201655998867034_116088923_n.jpg39308_10201655999387047_2082156266_n.jpg 1902826_10201655999227043_1287554455_n.jpg

Add a new details on mag, who didn 't know they were there, because they sent me some pictures of this piece at an PropStore Auction.,


And now is put small detail, not seen at the movie with the naked eye but they are there..

1240402_10201658595371945_939573915_n.jpg 1098495_10201658596251967_1005205265_n.jpg 1510005_10201658596371970_1355784431_n.jpg 1456782_10201658596651977_691858191_n.jpg 1908267_10201658597812006_510940675_n.jpg 559002_10201658599092038_1286002864_n.jpg

Second black Primer wiht new pieces add.

10151352_10201658626692728_1469343504_n.jpg 1011027_10201658626612726_1837379488_n.jpg 10014642_10201658627172740_1898523425_n.jpg 10015637_10201658627332744_869294683_n.jpg

They have been a couple of very intense weeks working in spare time, there are still minute details, to fill remaining holes and once completed, prepare a mold for making a rubber or resin kit..


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Loved your posts on the FB Brit-Cit page and really digging all your WIP photos on here. Great job man!
Are you going to be offering casts of these here on the RPF?


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Thanks guys, I'm glad you like my work, why not. would be nice to make a Run or some replicas for Judges that interested on them..

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That's pretty cool man. Looks great actually. Doing a cast would be a great idea. I think you'll find that every judge is going to want his own shotty. :D

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Man of Doom

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That is some truly impressive work; well done, dude!

Come to think of it, I had bought a Nerf gun not too long ago for a cosplay, but since then, I've had no real use for it. Then upon stumbling upon this thread, I figured that with enough modification, this Nerf shotgun could also work as a nice base for that shotgun from Dredd 2012:

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