Voyager Compression Phaser Rifle

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Awhile back it was requested that I do some grabs of the Compression Phaser Rifle from Voyager... Here is the first batch of grabs, from the 4th and 5th season episodes. The rifle also appears in the latter part of the series and in the pilot, "Caretaker"... I'll have more grabs later.

Some things to note: in "Concerning Flight", the sight is on backwards.

In the earlier of these episodes, the rifle is blank on the side opposite where the strap is attached. In later episodes, the strap is seen to be attached on EITHER side of the rifle, and the side opposite the strap has two open holes. Note Janeway and Tuvok's rifles in "Dark Frontier". (I guess by this time the rifles had four attachement points installed, so that straps could be put on and off quickly and on either side).

In "Concerning Flight", the rear grip is solid. But in later episodes a triangular area has been cut out of the center to make the grip easier to grasp.

"Concerning Flight"



"Dark Frontier"


phase pistol

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OK here's another batch for you guys to chew on. A few interesting things to note but I'll let you guys see what you find first.


"Flesh and Blood"






"Unimatrix Zero"