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    This is my custom build Vortex Manipulator Smart-watch.
    VMT017.jpg VMT015.jpg

    I designed the faceplate from scratch in 123D Design around a $20 smart-watch and printed the faceplate via Shapeways in stainless steel, and it's pretty chunky but in a good way.
    VTM002.jpg VMT003.jpg VMT004.jpg VMT005.jpg VMT007.jpg

    I just finished the leatherwork for it and am very satisfied with how it turned out. I opted to go with wet-molded tooling leather and in person it looks way better and it's sturdy enough this way that you could really buy Jack wearing one for centuries.
    VMT012.jpg VMT011.jpg VMT010.jpg VMT013.jpg

    The leather is still a little stiff, and I have to finish soldering the secondary FX circuit, (which also bridges the usb port on the watch to a more convenient location) however since I'm also adding a 5 way joy stick module for the directional pad I have to finish sorting how much functionality I can squeeze out of either 2 attiny 85's or 1 atmega.... I'd like to fully integrate the FX with the watch, however that may not fully be explored till I do v2, which will likely use a full on android powered cell phone watch.

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    This is pretty awesome! Captain Harkness would approve
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