Voodoo Pin kit by "azrael"


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Edit March 2016: The pictures crashed with the upload service and I have neither the pics nor the pin anymore. Sorry folks!

"azrael" a fellow member of the German Indy Board offers a Voodoo-Pin-Kit. He made the original one by scratch and offers some casts of it occasionally.

This is the kit (without the accessories) I received. Really good! Very few pinholes and a crisp cast.

On the back of the Pin - obvious very close to the one made by "Relicmaker" - I cut some further detailing
To show the difference - right side with left one without the furrows

The middle leaves seemed to be a tad small, so I used some putty to build them up and sanded some ridges.

The teeth on the bottom of the pin were pointing downwards, so I cut them of and applied them again pointing sideward to come closer to the original Pin.

Further detailing with thin ABS-sheets on the leafs, minor carving on the skull and sockets for the crystals on the back.

The primed Pin ready to putty the last pinholes.

Paint-job done. The left horn has been removed for screen accuracy.

The kit has everything you need to finish it. IMO the feathers seem to be too small and the crystals are not quiet fitting.
So I bought additional accessories for a few Euros.

First crystals glued on

With all the stones and the feathers

With a light weathering

And done!

Thanks 'azrael' for that superb kit!
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Looks great!! what will your final material be? would you be willing to share dimensions of this piece? I would like to try my own sculpt of this!! Kindly
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