Vlad Tepes - the movie (1978)


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I waited for more than 10 years for this DVD to be released: Vlad Tepes original licensed DVD, containing the real historical depiction of Vlad the Impaler’s life and struggle against the fierce Ottoman Empire. It is not a documentary, it is a movie with some great Romanian actors.

The movie was released in 1978, is directed by Doru Nastase, and Vlad is played by Stefan Sileanu, there couldn't be a better suited actor to play him. The movie received ACIN 1979 Award, and the Sitges Spanish Award in the same year. The DVD is Region Free - All so it can be played on any DVD player, it is spoken in Romanian and has English subtitles. This movie is A MUST for any Dracula or Vlad Tepes fans.




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The movie can be watched on youtube too, but unfortunately I couldn't find a version with English subtitles. But this is THE Vlad Tepes movie you want to watch if you like history. Wish it was cleaned up a bit more, since compared to the modern DVD's you see the image is not so sharp. But this also keeps it as it was filmed decades ago.


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Not sure if it will be available on Amazon or other international shops though. From what I've seen there is only one Romanian online shop carrying it. :( Hope they will though, it is well worth a watch.

Here is a page for it on IMDB but the cover is different since the DVD is new and just been released: Vlad Tepes (1982) - IMDb

You can also watch it here but has a very low quality and no subtitles - but check from 01:15:11 on ;) :

VLAD TEPES - The Original Movie - YouTube

The biggest Romanian history movie remains Mihai Viterazul aka Michael the Brave, which was compared to Braveheart, but was filmed decades ago. And which on youtube has subtitles and everything: Michael the Brave (1971) - IMDb - it has HUGE battles, there no comparison with that. All those enormous armies were real people there, no CGI. Mihai was the one uniting Transylvania, Vallachia and Moldavia for the first time, before he got assassinated.

You might be able to get it from Amazon: Michael the Brave (Last Crusade)(Mihai Viteazul) DVD - it has a different cover, but seems there are the same actors and crew (Director is Sergiu Nicolaescu and Mihai is played by Amza Pellea - a great actor who is supposed has been killed with radiation by the communist regime). Mihai Viteazul DVD is also a bit more cleaned up, but still not available on Blu-Ray. Also this is not Region Free like Vlad Tepes DVD (it is a different company releasing it), but Region 2 - Europe.

From IMDB:

I think the grandest scene of the movie (Mihai Viteazul) is the one depicting the Turkish army in the marshes of Calugareni on August 13 1595. On that day, the all-mighty Ottoman Empire, in its heyday at that time, poured 120,000 soldiers into Wallachia to conquer it. Imagine filming that! Nicoleascu shot from a helicopter. It started from the back, with the scattered extras forming the rear guard and gradually progressing towards the front. The scale is huge and mind you, he actually used that amount of people, not the CGI tricks of "Gladiator". Just think of the props and coordinating those guys on a hot day of summer in the middle of a swamp.

The director of Michael the Brave, Sergiu Nicolaescu says he was surprised to notice a TV sequence in Steven Spielberg's "E.T." showing images from his film "Mihai Viteazul". That's why he asked, when he had the opportunity, Steven Spielberg why he enclosed a sequence from his movie and not from another director's. And Spielberg replied he admired Nicolaescu's work, especially the battle scenes, which also inspired him for some of his future films.

This one has subtitles in English and everything, well worth a watch:

MIHAI VITEAZUL - English Subtitles - part 1 - Michael the Brave - YouTube
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