Visual-Effects Pioneer Trumbull to Receive Oscar

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    Visual-Effects Pioneer Trumbull to Receive Oscar - ABC News

    Hollywood filmmaker and visual-effects master Douglas Trumbull is receiving an honorary Academy Award.

    The Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences announced Wednesday that it will present its Gordon E. Sawyer Award to Trumbull, whose pioneering visual-effects credits include "2001: A Space Odyssey," ''Close Encounters of the Third Kind," ''Star Trek: The Motion Picture" and "Blade Runner."
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    Not to mention the special effects for the movie for a cutting-edge motion simulator ride named Tour of the Universe. It was based at the bottom of the CN Tower in Toronto and provided a simulated space flight including launch, transition through a warp vortex and a trip to the edge of the system.

    The sim vehicle was a modified 747 simulator (two of them) that also contained the 70 mm projector mounted inside. These ran at - I think - 48 FPS (it's been 25 years... ;) ), twice normal speed, and provided an incredibly clear and clean image - early High Definition, if you will. It also meant the models and effects had to be extra sharp and clean, too, or you'd see it even more than on a large theater screen.

    I was a tour guide for a few years back then - it was a great job. Met Mr. Trumbull, and took Frank Borman and Alan Sheppard (yes, THAT Frank Borman and Alan Sheppard) through, and met several Disney Imagineers that came to have a look (it was late 1985, I think.) They had this idea, see, for this Star Wars based ride...and the vehicle they were looking at using was the one Tour had taken and modified.

    This is a richly deserved reward - I'll be watching and applauding!!! He's done so much!
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    About frickin time!
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    Wow. This is FANTASTIC.
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    Well deserved and long over due!
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    Bravo, sir!
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    Awesome! He's totally earned it! :D
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    Day late and a dollar short if you ask me.
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    Most of the times it is but I'm sure Doug has space on the mantle for it! :lol


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