Hi! TK1625!

Thank you for your kind words!

HI! robchum!

My VIPER is 1/32.

It's a moebius kit.

I wanna get FM VIPER someday.

Thank you,robn1!

I painted it to resemble CGI VIPER.

Of course I made various modifications.
Hello! epilepticsquirl!

Thank you for your kind words!

My weathering technique is frakking awesome?

You praise too much me. Anyway, thanks!

Please enjoy more pics!

Let me introduce my another VIPER.:)

I made this VIPER mimicking a full sized prop. Therefore, battle damage and weathering are fewer than the CGI version.
I made standing APOLLO figure from the pilot figure in the kit. I think more than 90% are my own work.
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Hi! Smiling Demon!

Thank you for comment.
Is a landing version better?
I gave the CGI version(STARBUCK'S VIPER) damage expression and strong weathering expression, and these expression might be too strong.
Hi! Capt.KIRK!

Because English is not a native language, I am uneasy, but give an explanation whether it would be understood.
As you see, on the test, this optical fiber gave enough effects.
However, the finished model did not raise an expected effect without light being led enough because it was necessary to considerably bend optical fiber inside of the fuselage.

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Hi! space rat!

Thank you. Because I am a modeler with a little number of the production, the skill is not so high. However, I always make model kit slowly and carefully. :)
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Hello, all of you!:lol
I am making a ladder now.
The left is a kit of the Larson design. I made a comparison pics.

To be continued … .:)
Hi! SD!

Thank you for your always nice comments!:)

This time, I show the cockpits.

BTW,making ladder is difficult ! I need more time!:wacko
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