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VIP Auctions- Bidding issues


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Has anyone else taken notice of the erratic bidding and relisting of auctions on the chappie auctions..

Just saw an item that was up to $10,000. only to drop to 330 in the last few second of the auction
Another foam stunt gun beat to hell went for 1800.00

I a few items were posted earlier in the week, ended by VIP and then relisted...


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Hi new here to this forum but not new to production & screen used prop collecting

I had a weird thing happen with VIP Auctions a few weeks ago. I was bidding on some Damien items (the now cancelled TV show from A&E, the premise is what happened when the little kid from The Omen has grown up and turned 30) and got a bid cancellation notice.

I went to ebaY and checked in with VIP's listings and ALL of the Damien items had been pulled from VIP on ebaY.

Anybody know what might have happened? Has VIP ever pulled ALL the items from a production listed on ebaY before?

I did win stuff in the first 2 7 day auction periods (where VIP had other Damien items listed) so I'm not too upset about this but it was just a weird experience.

Thanks in advance all!
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