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Star Wars Vintage WWII Browning Booster

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Vintage WWII Browning Booster (ONLY)

Price & Shipping subject to agreement, please do not use JY BIN.

2850.00GBP + shipping (UK SHIPPING ONLY) subject to AGREEMENT on process & payment.
$3250.00USD + shipping (International Shipping) subject to AGREEMENT on process & payment.

I recently posted about the relic vintage WWII Browning .303 MG I picked up and the process involved in getting the Booster removed at local metal shop in the UK.

I've now decided to offer the Booster (ONLY) for sale "as is" this is a beautiful vintage piece which will make a sweet addition to your vintage parts Obi prop build, please look closely at all photos.

I note;
1- There is minor wartime damage to the Booster Fins no doubt as a result of the violent end to the guns WWII service.
2- There are some minor indents that resulted from the force required to remove the Booster from the Barrel Jacket.
3- The Choke Nut refused to unthread and was cut flush-ish and attempts were started to drill & cut the Choke Nut metal away, following discussions with experienced metal workers in our community it would be possible if desired to have a machine shop lathe or mill out the Choke Nut metal but this is not necessary as the connecting rod will still go through the Booster and this area is not seen when assembled as part of a vintage parts Obi prop build, there may need to be some filing of the surface.
4- The Booster Fin end profile looks slightly more square-ish, if desired the Fin ends could be filed to give a more rounded profile.

The Booster has the original Crown, B and British Military Arrow stamps.

Please ask questions before purchases, I can provide additional photos if required.

The vintage Booster (ONLY) is located in the UK with my good buddy Colin db94 who will ship with tracking subject to the Terms of Agreement.

The MG frame, barrel & jacket are not included in the sale, BOOSTER ONLY for sale.

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg

5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg 10.jpg 12.jpg


13 Arrow & B Stamp.jpg 14 Crown Stamp.jpg

15.jpg 16.jpg 17.jpg 18.jpg 19.jpg

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