Star Wars Vintage MPP Flash Tube for Vader Lightsaber

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Up for sale is the very rare and hard to find MPP Micro flash flash tube from England. I bought this from Laszlo Becket (around 1999) who made the original discovery, some where in London at an antique shop. He found this MPP and recognized it from the Chronicles book (see photos in the back ground). The shop owner explained to him that these flash tubes were mostly used by local police departments back in the 1950s to take "on the scene" photos and possibly "mug shots" of prisoners. Private owners were rare, due to cost of the MPP cameras. He theorized that more than likely, this particular flash gun did come from a local police department.

Here's the Parts of Star Wars reference link:
Darth Vader Lightsaber

A version with black "side bars" was used in ANH, but only used in ESB. This one would probably make a nice, ESB saber.
The flash comes with a replica, single step shroud, which was made in Europe as part of a short run by Laszlo himself.

The flash and shroud are basically in the same condition I purchased them in, which is very good. The colors on the lettering ("B", "E", "S") are a little light, but are there.

This has sold, so please don't send me any more pm's about it. Thanks!
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Woah - crazy to see that again!
Hope the new owner enjoys it and the ancient shroud replica from I think the first ever run of them!


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Yeah I'd say seeing that one sold the other day in a case with camera for around £2100 here in the UK.
Don't forget the 30% buyer's premium... plus that also didn't include whatever shipping there may be...

I estimated the final tally for that one at about ~$3,500 USD before shipping... a new record I believe!
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