Vintage M38 scope

Sold for 300 USD
Vintage M38 Telescope
M.H.R.CO. 1942 D.A.
Serial NO. 676

This is a variant of the WWII, Sherman Tank Telescope Sight, which was used on many of the Stormtrooper and Sandtrooper E-11 blasters in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope.

The condition in vintage. Please see the photos. The optics are clean.

Shipping CONUS is included in the price. International buyers, please send a PM for a shipping and insurance quote prior to purchase.

Thank you. MTFBWY.

AFA51CB0-43BA-4031-8F47-BF3FBA0055DF.jpeg CB7BDE15-10EA-4BD5-8C1C-26608643E7E3.jpeg A23ACE78-EB3A-40F3-8E60-9E7E03971A66.jpeg F3E76720-8317-4DE5-9768-E76D2E5DD938.jpeg D68DA948-0F6C-4393-940E-337840D97B79.jpeg

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