Vintage Craftsman Pressure Paint Pot Conversion & Restoration


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I was in the market for a quality pressure pot that was deep enough to cast longer parts, but the recent offerings are just not cost effective or built with enough quality. I already have the Harbor Freight Pressure pot but I can't stand the way the lid and clamps were designed, plus it just wasn't deep enough. Luckily I found this beauty on Craigslist and picked it up for $40. The depth is just under 14" and also had the original seal in great condition. It was RUSTY as heck so I spent a good 2-3 days wire brushing, rust removing, steel wool cleaning to finally get it down to bare, clean metal! Here's the finished result after the paint job, still need to get a regulator to auto adjust to 60 PSI in case of a leak. For under $60, I now have a heavy duty, versatile casting pot. Can't wait to cast my first part in it.

-4 year old Rustoleum paints lol
-2x 1/4" FIP brass plugs
-1x 1/4" MIP brass coupling
-gauge etc was from HF

Anyone know what decade this pot is from? I'm just guessing on the vintage part lol.


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