Limited Run Vintage aircraft washers for Obi Wan saber


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Chaim found these online, and they happened to be local to me. I picked up a set of these stainless steel aircraft washers from an aircraft parts supply.

They needed turned down and the ID hole opened slightly for an easy fit on Marconi and Motorola parts for the obi wan saber.

I'm offering these for 6$ shipped for 2 in the USA, AND international will be plus postage.

In the interest of transparency it was only $25 for a bag of 200, but I'm asking a bit more per set of two for the fact that machine these down from their too large diameter and open the hole so you don't have to jam them on and destroy your parts. This way if ever a 100 percent correct washer is found you can easily remove this one.

Stainless steel is hard on tooling and my hands opening these holes. So that's why I've priced them this way. I have not machined all 200 and plan to only do them in batches of 50. It just takes too much a physical toll on my hands otherwise.

They'll be shipped as cheaply as possible in a letter envelope. There will be no tracking of course as these will be first class mailed envelopes. I have zero interest in doing customs, and tracking payments for such a small parcel. Usual mail of letters is very reliable.

Pm me your name, full mailing address, and amount wanted with the subject being "aircraft washers". I will reply with my PayPal and payment info/instructions.

Be patient with replies. I will be checking messages and answering as I can.


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