Vincent228's 2012 Halloween Costume Contest Entry - Rebekahs MLP Rainbow Dash.


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This is the costume i completed for my 11 year old daughter rebekah.

the original thread can be found here;

i would like to give a quick shout out to "EyeofSauron".
I mentioned on the forum that i have an autistic daughter that absolutely loves "my little pony", especially "rainbow dash", but there were no costumes available for it.
EOS, very kindly made a file for me of the head (with hair and mane), tail and pegasus wings.


EOS's pep file for the head,hair and mane.

I have to tell you, this is really my first really hard build. I had to do a little resizing and tweaking to make it work (because i made it with foam), but I think its coming along pretty well so far.
I will continue to post pics as i go along.





I finally had a little more time to do some more work. I finished the tail at 3am this morning (not much time when you work 60 hours a week.), now the only part i have left to build is the wings. I really dont have time to waste, so I do little touch up work while im waiting for things to dry, yatta, yatta, yatta.
I took the head, hair and mane outside and primed them.


then i shopped for the paint i needed.


this paint does really well on foam. it says it works on plastic, and doesnt crack when flexed a little. ad at $3.50 a can, I couldnt resist.
So I started to spray the head at least.


I just really wish i had more time for this build.

Im a newbie, but it drives me crazy when i hack and whack.
But time is not on my side.

I am coming down to the wire here.
with the hurricane currently destroying connecticut, lets hope halloween isnt full of wires. "live ones!".
Im still plugging away, just in case.
the wings were a nightmare ! an awful lot of parts ! and the pepakura designer was hard to figure out "what attached to what, and how?".
but here they are (drying with the pva glue)


in the meantime, i was trying to fugure out how to get her to see, without leaving giant holes in the head. So i figured to build eyes, painted white, glued behind the sockets, glue mesh where she needed to see through, and paint them.


so once i glued on the hair and the mane, this is what i got.



then it occured to me.
how was i going to mount the wings and tail to her without them sagging all over the place ?

So this is where improvisation took place.

I made a brace that could strap to her shoulders and go down the rest of her back. I could glue the wings in there, and glue the tail on the bottom. then she could slip the whole section right on.




I wish i thought of this before i primed one of the wings.
I will glue the tail in, once the six million different colors it requires finish drying.
we came down to the home stretch.
I was basically able to get it completed because they cancelled wor on monday and tuesday, due to hurricane sandy.
so while the eind was blowing, the rain was raining and the trees were cracking, I was gluing, painting and cutting.

here are the wings with the painted table mounted.


I cut the hole in the lower section of the brace to mount it so it would stand out a little.


then i let my daughter try it on (without all of other amenities, like the blue outfit to match).




then finally , the big night !! HALLOWEEN !!
here she is on halloween, complete with the "cutie mark" on each side, ready to beg for candy.



Thanks again EOS for making her night !!
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