Vigilante Spider-Man Quick Cosplay (PICTURE HEAVY)

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    After taking a look at the rumored Spider-Man costume in Civil War, I was immediately inspired to put my own spin on the suit. So running to my closet and grabbing anything I could find that remotely looked the redesign by spikesdm on deviantart.
    Seeing that had nothing that looked remotely like the picture, I decided to make my own.Starting out with a simple Spider-Man hoodie I got from target awhile ago on Black Friday, I used that as my base.

    Then taking a cheap Spider-Man mask I had been using as a faceshell on my Superior Spider-Man mk. 1 cosplay, (that's why there is a giant hole where the mouth is)

    some sunglasses underneath, and a balaclava on top of the whole thing,

    I had a pretty sweet looking vigilante Spider-Man costume so far.

    (hood down)

    (hood up)

    Kind of looks a little like Ben Reilly and Kaine somehow had a baby.

    As you can see in the photos above, I also had some fingerless biking gloves that I though gave a nice look to it.

    I also had a spare maroon Jansport backpack that I plan to sew on a spider symbol.

    (with the suit)

    At the moment I have no idea what to do with pants and shoes. Any suggestions?

    That's it for now. I'll try to keep updating as much as possible, but it's difficult as school starts Monday.

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    Very cool! I love builds like this. (In fact, I've been thinking of putting together my own Vigilante/Street-Spidey costume for a while). For the trousers, might I suggest a pair of dark blue jogging bottoms? For the shoes you could use red trainers or red canvas shoes.

    Hope this helps. :D
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    Nice build so far! I'm also making a custom vigilante Spidey suit as it's super easy. If it helps at all, I'm planing on using some old slim gray jeans and customized converse as my pants and shoes. I think it really helps the whole idea of Spidey being lean/thin. Keep up the great work!

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