VIDEO: Which light saber is Dave Prowse examining in this ESB BTS interview/video clip?

This video comes up every once in a while! I know this exact handle. It does look like a real graflex top right? Beet tab and everything. It could be.. but I’ve seen a kobold saber with a completely hand made top that looks just like this. Let me check and see if I can post the photo
Yessss, teecrooz posted them

It's a blurry video but there's a high probability it's this saber
Although, honestly, this could be a real Graflex and Kobold. In that case I would say it was put together for touring or other stuff like that. There was no use for something like this in 1976/77 filming. The Severed Hand thing was put together for the next movie and that's the only instance of a Kobold bottom being used for filming I can think of..
Screenshot 2023-06-11 at 1.34.16 PM.png

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