VIDEO: Tom "Biff Tannen" Wilson's moving tribute to his brother


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I love Tom's videos so much, how he shows his everyday, middle class life and struggles being a TV/movie/voice actor, still trying to pay the bills. His most recent video is dedicated to his recently deceased brother. I recommend that you grab your favorite beverage, set 15 non-interrupted minutes aside, sit back and enjoy his tribute:

Very moving!!! I literally just got done with dinner before i watched this and i had a very self-aware moment. I looked at my wife and son and told them, " We need to start working on not complaining so much and that starts with me."

my son says, "why does it start with you?"
To which i replied, "Because i'm the leader of this home and leaders lead by example...i shouldn't expect you to do it if i don't do it myself"

In the video when Tom talks about "Yep" as saying, "I never had a bad day in my life" and Tom said, "And he meant it...He was a husband and a father..." It really convicted me as i just admitted that i complained far too often.

Sometimes we, fathers and husbands, forget how powerful our simple example is to others for the good or for the bad.
This video serves as a reminder to me how frail we all are whether we are a celebrity or just a father or husband.

Tom seems like a terrific guy to know.

I appreciate Tom's transparency and thank you for posting this video. It serves as a reminder of how valuable each day is and each person is in out lives.

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