VIDEO Robin Williams Zelda commercial

That's pretty good. I love the beard lol. I wonder how true it is that he named her after the princess. I never knew anyone even used the name Zelda anymore but that was his daughter.
Turns out according to the wiki he's an avid gamer not just video games but old school table top pen and paper ones too. My god can you imagine trying to play D&D with that man? lol
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I thought he just had a "Z" fetish. I remember when Zachary was born- I saw the card they sent out to family members announcing his arrival. He had a top hat and coattails!LOL

My mom worked with his (ex) wife's aunt.
I'm still amused that he's my parents' age and is so into gaming all across the board from DnD (he took part in a massive tournament) and online gaming. I just can't imagine him being serious long enough for these games to last lol
I could've sworn in one of his standups he said his son named her because he had been playing the original. Either way, cool story, and he looks different with the beard.
With his improve skills, you would be in all kinds of trouble playing D & D with him. You would be on what could be equated to an acid trip of an adventure within minutes of starting your characters journey with him. But what a game that would be.

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