VIDEO: new Mortal Kombat movie, red-band trailer


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This is probably the movie everyone wanted in 95.
I always like the movies theme, "Techno Syndrome" by The Immortals and immediately noticed the main notes of the song at the end of this new trailer. A nice little touch. I was never a big Mortal Kombat fan, but still, always hope for a good movie.


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Just finished printing Sub Zero & Scorpion masks from movie.. ;)

Who you got?



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I've actually been out of the game for a while, but seeing the movie is going to bring me back in. I want to pick up the Ultimate Edition of the game when I get a PS5.

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I know the budget was basically a oily rag. The reason why they cast Jessica McNamee (Aus Tax Rebates) & why they shot in Adelaide. Either recast Sonya for the sequel or kill her character off screen. As for Lewis Tan, YEsshhh!!!

They need to get in a stunt team for the MK2.


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Just watched it, It's friggin Awesome.

It brings all the right amount of fan service (which is frankly what the movie is for; Mortal kombat without the schlocky mortal kombat tropes and characters is just a bad kung fu movie) without specifically treading too much of the same ground as the original.

Specifically, I feel like just the right balance of named characters from both sides participate, and from all the right power levels. They did really well with this one.


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They said they already had the one character (forgot who!) that is in the movie and has a similar personality and they felt it would be too much with both of them. So it sounds like he's being saved for a sequel.

Johnny would have duplicated a lot of the role that Kano had for most of this one; and this particular story line benefits more from Kano's presence than Johnny's.

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