VIDEO: EVA foam stormtrooper armor


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i‘d certainly try a project like this. i’m working with eva foam for the first time on a mask so i appreciate the hard work!
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As a past 501st-er, sweating is just part of the gig, but 501st armor is usually ABS or HIPS so it's lighter and can 'breath' better than foam. Yep I'd imagine it would get pretty steamy in that for hours on end.;)

This one is a really sharp build and the foam thickness doesn't really stand out as much as I thought it would. The problem with these is sometimes the painted foam never matches the colour of the helmets, but you get that sometimes even with HIPS and ABS armor.

Most HIPS and ABS armor is in the $800 - $1500 price range so using foam is a super cheap alternative. Really great build.(y):cool:

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very nice build well done! Me and a mate of mine had a go at something similar must be 10 years ago now :) My avatar is me wearing a foam suit. We were lucky in that we had access to alot of gloss white vinyl which we covered 3mm eva with so very light weight and durable.

The original maker did a much more accurate job than we did so well done. But I can say those suits were awesome for mucking around with. we played paintball in them and the mobility was much better than plastic armour
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