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Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Weiver, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Weiver

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    ok, here we go. Be prepared all you grand costumers out there...the amatuer has entered the building....and he's carrying a gluegun.

    this will be the first costume build I have done since the "Aww that's cute...did you make it yourself" days of my youth and after seeing all the wonderful, fantastic, completely :confused"How the heck did you do that????" stuff I've seen in here I gotta try.

    dream big, live big. right?

    With the prerequisite rambling completed here we go...again....

    The title is 100% accurate. I know it sounds gimmicky, however the powers that be (aka my lovely nongeek, uberserious, money managing wife) has dictated "You will NOT be spending any more than $150 on this silliness and that's final." so after much humming and hawing I have decided on my 2nd favorite Batman villan Mr. Freeze to be showcased at Halcon in Halifax, NS. this year.

    Materials so far:

    -foaming camping mat = $10
    -2 packages of linking floor mats = $7 each. ( thank you Canadian tire and your sales)
    - rubber gloves = $1
    -rubber boots = $5
    -swimming goggles = $1.50
    - cardboard = $0

    still needed:

    - gardening cloche ( 5 pack available through Lee Valley but they cost $32 + tax and I only need 1)
    - LED lights
    - red clear plastic
    - foam pipe insulation
    - something for a tank on the back ( might have to build it from scratch for weight allowance)

    I'm starting this thread more as a "now I HAVE to do it. I said I would and now it's official" but any suggestions, comments, scathing brow beatings and "where's teh pics" comments would be greatly appreciated as I am a very lazy cuss.
  2. arrow105

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    This should be interesting. Which Freeze are you doing?
  3. Weiver

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    Trying for the Batman the animated series.

    Hard as anything finding full shots of the character though. I have a lot of different ref shots printed out to use, but the only ones I could find that were full body were either the toys or one frame reference shot for animators.
  4. Igniitus

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    I read this and laughed out loud... then went to my torrent folder for the BTAS entire series...

    Ask and ye shall receive.

    Also, for the tank... Find a melamine cereal bowl (The sell em at Target) for the top, and Roll some yoga mat into a cylinder, Hot glue and paint em. You can get a spigot from Home depot to glue to the top... Lightweight AND cheap!
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  5. Weiver

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    Thanks muchly Igniitus. :) greatly appreciate the shots. they look like screen captures from the Batman Subzero I right? LOL I picked taht up at Zellers and have been pausing it at key points for the last 2 days.

    OH, and the tank idea sounds like it should work out nicely. (thank you again) I have the foam for it. (think I went a little overboard with the initial purchasing)

    Will have pics up as soon as I can. I have all the cardboard templates done. and gearing up to trace out on foam this Thursday.

    still trying to figure out how to get the right kind of bend...thinking of slicing out a small groove in the thicker foam on the inside of teh chest plate to give almost a seamed look without actually having THE SEAM in the front and visable....opinions?
  6. Weiver

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    2's official. I go my first :confused "you're gonna do what with that?" look today. The guy from the Lee Valley Store got a wonderful look of total confusion followed by a "How old are you?" blank look that kinda set my nerves a little raw. Not my fault though.....he asked what I was looking to do with the gardening closhe and why I only needed one of them and not five.

    :cry They don't sell them individually.....

    Time to look for alternatives. Hellooooooo Walmart Garden centre.
  7. Steampunch

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    You could always get a length of the larger PVC pipe for the tank, for a bit more strength....and possible storage options.
  8. Havok69

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    LOL - I stopped telling people at the hardware store a long time ago what I plan on doing with this or that. I just say "it's a project I'm working on." Good luck with the build. Anyone can throw a ton of money at a costume and have it look awesome. These kinds of threads are what it's really all about; creating a costume from scratch with a small budget!
  9. Igniitus

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    It was from Season One, 'Heart of Ice,' his first appearance. The one Dini won tge Emmy for.
  10. omel

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  11. Weiver

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    sorry for the lack of posting. Things got really...I mean really busy for the last little while and I haven't had a chance to do anything. :cry
    but the party train is back on track...hopfully...and I'm finally getting to do some actual work this week. (the fun stuff not the "dear god why? oh yeah paycheque" stuff)

    have you seen this?

    I have seen this one Omel and actully LOVE the seating for the dome. going to try and emulate it if that guy doesn't mind..will have to post and for the body me...I would frighten small children if I attempted that sooooooo...going to go for the full chest plate look. IF I can find a voice changer that is within my price range ( Halloween bins and such for places that are selling that stuff year 'round ) thinking of mounting it ,viewable, within that dome seal. always wondered ,in the cartoon, how he managed to be able to be heard through the obviously thick glass dome. this will let me talk, be heard and if modulated correctly give the the almost electronic "speaker voice" I loved from him.

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