Very First Predator Costume ! :) :)

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I build this costume with very little money!
This Predator costume is for my son! I said is ready and I finish; my family told me to add lights to the shoulders and spray paint the under suit...
But that does not mean is not cool! That's what I think. I looked a lot of pictures and I spend a lot of time trying my best.
This first picture shows my working table. The materials I used for this project are: hot glue, a 2mm craft foam. Also I used some type of dry sponge, two small water containers for the arms, two small traffic cones for the legs, a metal pencil box, tie wraps, wire neon lights, a flashlight, rope, elastic rope, a broom stick, a bike helmet, two pairs of gloves, a pair of old sandals, cardboard, a hose insulator, a piece of Styrofoam for the cannon, spay paint black and silver, tack nails, some screws, caps and a mask. The mask is the Only thing I didn't build; I thought I wouldn't be able to do it so I purchase one. I honestly think now I can make one too!

This picture shows the pictures I used as reference for the legs.
I used two traffic cones :)
I cut a little the top and bottom to have the needed length and also I cut all the way to make them able to open and close and my son can be able to put them on and off :)


The Cannon!!
I used a round Styrofoam piece, cut it in angle add a few pieces the best I could to make it look like a real Predator Cannon! Here is where I used the elastic rope; I don't know how but I was able to make it move, up and down from two spots. I used the hose insulator for the round part of the backpack. I used bottle caps, screws, and little things just to give a look of the predators.

This First back pack was too heavy when I started to assemble, so I had to rework on it and make it shallow, I used only the cardboard.

The Bomb!
This is the left gauntlet; I used a metal pencil box the base is a rectangular plastic container then I placed a piece of thick foam and secured with tie wraps. I think it looks really cool!


Left and wright .

The Head!
For the head I used a bike helmet; I thought it will be good because my son will have weight on his head adding those dreadlocks made out of rope. Like I said I purchased a mask; I secured with four small screws so it won't come off. I wrap the back of the helmet with more 2mm foam. I glued a LED flashlight to the side and he is able to turn on and off.

This is how I covered the sides and the back of the bike helmet.

The Vest!
For the vest I used the patterns I found in this web site; I think is Vin's. Hey man thank you!
When I started to build the bells for the shoulders I was like and now HOW do I do this? :D but is like pieces where falling in place and real easy I was able to do it. I have to use the corner of a plastic gallon and I glue them in place along with the biceps parts.


The Countdown!
This is where I used the neon lights

Lights on! :D

I used the patterns found in this site; I didn't make the big because this are for a child.

I still need to do a sleeve to put this dagger inside, I looked everywhere and I was unable to find a pattern or something that can give me an idea on how to make one and attached to one of his legs. I think this is about ten inches long.

The Sandals!

Here is everything ready for paint!!
I used black and silver spray paint :D

The Final !! :D :D




The light I have to fix it to be red... :D


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Also if this is a longer term keep as the foam pieces break, replace them with leather. Spread that out over time and you can affordably get a much more durable costume...

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