Very Bad Blood


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Hi Guys!
Well, I did it...managed to finish up this last kit for 2009.
This is my 3rd bad blood paint up. I have always wanted to paint a darker skinned Predator...and I finally got the chance.

hope you guys dig it!

Ok,,,,,off to celebrate the new year!
He killed an elder....bad boy!
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Total bad ass bad blood! Another sensational paint up. Even when you try something new, you pull off another masterpiece. Cant wait to see what you've got in store for 2010


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not my favorite one (dark head colour) but whatever your work is still the best I know !


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Another winning paintjob. Out of interest how many kits did you manage to paint in 2009?


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Man, those paint ape apps amazing!!! I have a lifesize raw resin predator that I would love to have painted like these kits....


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I love the look of this Predator. He definitely fits the BAD BLOOD profile. He looks completely bad ass Joe. Those eyes look amazing with the dark skin tone. Great work!!!!


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man, i was just kidding, you only inspire me, but 78 kits in a year?!?!?! thats like one every three and a half days dude!?!?! what the hell!?!?! at any rate, you've brought so much incredible art into the world buddy, i hope im watchin go for years to come


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I love the dark skin tone, I have never seen something like that. It reminds me of a dark skinned ape like a gorilla or a bonobo. Very nice application and fantastic idea. Maybe if they make this "super black predator" in the rodriguez flick they should take a page out of your book. Cheers! :D


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Looking at that , then reading over the PREDATORS alleged leaked script, im wondering how close Joes paint up will be to the new preds we will see in a few months.

either way the kit is totally awesome.


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thanks guys!
Yeah, i figured since the black preds are coming with the release of "Predators" I had to get this color scheme outta my head pronto! lol!
I am looking forward to the new film.....hell, we got Morpheus in it! how cool is that!!