"Vera" Edition Halo 3 Odst Pistol

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    For everyone not on the Facebook, I've been modifying a LeeKeegan Halo 3 M6 Socom pistol out to the Fabled "Vera" pistol, held by Dutch.

    Just a little bit of back round on this. Dutch is voiced by Adam Baldwin
    Adam also voices a marine in Halo 3 and has done several other movies and acting roles. Most famously among these for super nerds was his role as Jayne Cobb in "Firefly"

    Firefly was the birth of "Vera" or at least her name. "Vera" was a rifle that was originally a modified version of one of the custom guns made for the DeNiro/Murphy film,'Showtime'. The base gun is a Saiga-12 Semi-Auto shotgun. Due to the popularity of Firefly with the Bungie crew several of the characters reference the Firefly universe through-out the Halo Saga. In Halo 3 "Vera" is a sniper rifle. And you will only hear her name when you take the rifle from that specific Marine. In Halo ODST "Vera" is Dutch's trusty sidearm. It is referenced in the game and apparently in office chatter at Bungie.
    Here is a chronicle of the build so far.

    Mainly I have modified the gun to be more accurate to the ODST Version. Then I started patching holes and sanded it all the way up to 600 grit. Now I have cut out and drilled the barrel so that I can replace it with a stainless steel barrel. After drilling the barrel I started planning the electronics phase. I have cut deep trenches in the gun to run wires down to the Laser sight area. I have also ordered a Laser, and a flashlight to install. My next phase will be battery installation into the Clip. Keep an eye out on this thread so that you will know what exactly this is for. I will say this when the build is over everyone will have a fair shot at owning this bad boy ;p


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