Venom 3.0


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well.. another venom hes a popular guy.

just about finished the foam sculpt. this time im using a template system ive developed to make my muscles suits faster and more customizable. Ive got the lower arms , neck and feet left to the body . after the client and go over the suit and get the proportions just right ill head to latex and the skin process. ive just made a new recipe that im eager to try out so that will be coming next week . this one will have an embossed venom logo as well the rest were just painted on . .
the mask will have larger teeth like last one and we have a new paint scheme im excited to try as well.

for other non marvel builds check out my deviant art site here

vids here

any questions about builds or commissions drop me a note here or swing by my facebook page




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I have followed your last two venom builds and they both look great, but I have to say that you are getting better with each version! subscribed!


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I have followed your last two venom builds and they both look great, but I have to say that you are getting better with each version! subscribed!

thanks Override,
i remember you from the other two builds .thanks again

ive been lucky to get an opportunity to practice so yeah they are getting better and faster to build.commissions have helped me develop . expensive . i have a chance to try some new tricks out on this one to make it stand out from rest of my venom builds
. will have finished pics of foam fabrication by end of week.



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heres some progress finally.
almost there. just the new neck design to finish. this one will be my bulkiest in terms of muscles but is my most flexible . had my wife test it and moves awesome.. the joint system of shoulders and neck are especially hard so that wearer isnt walking like stay puff marshmellow man. after neck ill do a final slice to define muscles and sharpen some areas then off to paint. going back to metallic black and blue on this one like first but a slightly darker tone.

the head is new and may be using this sharper eye patch design and these new teeth. maybe a couple more small teeth points to add but i dont want to make a mess of it .

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IMG_20150903_211528.jpg IMG_20150903_211637.jpg IMG_20150903_211542.jpg IMG_20150903_211625.jpg IMG_20150903_211721.jpg IMG_20150903_212114.jpg IMG_20150903_211654.jpg IMG_20150903_211705.jpg IMG_20150903_211837.jpg IMG_20150903_211845.jpg IMG_20150903_211731.jpg IMG_20150903_211753.jpg almost there
on last layer of latex , this is the nip and tuck stage after ive finished fabric layer i go back over it and slice and pin the details back so the sculpt comes through more ..this is the tedious part but ends up looking more natural. it feels l;ike skin too..creepy. lol
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heres the fully black painted cowl , hands and feet . added some veins and brought some detail back. i sculpted the cowl a bit more and better arranged the tendrils around the face ..a mask within a
just have to attach to body and finish highlights .

started the paint on tongue this is flat color stage ill texture and shade it . got the green venom slime in there for first time so im excited to see how it comes out . if it sucks ill just paint red again. its a clip on so it can clip on to the cowl through the masks mouth for easy access and removal.. its fully pose able with an wire armature IMG_20150905_214400.jpg IMG_20150905_215824.jpg IMG_20150905_215919.jpg IMG_20150905_214614.jpg IMG_20150905_214746.jpg IMG_20150905_214658.jpg IMG_20150905_214937.jpg inside

these pics also include shots of all te pins and slices i had to do over a 1000 . this is the tedious phase but im done now so ill have final results up tonight or tomorrow. IMG_20150906_202808.jpg IMG_20150906_202903.jpg IMG_20150906_205021.jpg
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