Velociraptor Claw


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Last spring I made a life sized Velociraptor skeleton to embed in the ground for a sculpture project. While i was mostly pleased it was kind of a rushed project, and the bones do not look very good up close. While i don't plan to redo the entire skeleton i decided to make a much nicer claw just for fun! Sculpting it out of clay then firing it (since thats pretty much all i know how to do lol)

I was very inspired by this thread by user red4 and its what i referenced back to the most while making mine:

thanks for the awesome thread!

anyway, my claw is still drying and hasn't been fired yet, figured i would post the sculpt first and if anybody has good suggestions or criticisms of the design i can fix it before its fired

so far the only major problem is the size. I just eyeballed it to what I thought would look right, but its actually two inches longer than it should be (the top curved edge should be 6", mine is 8") but personally i dont mind

If anybody has any ideas on how i can improve it that would be great!

claw 1.jpg

claw 2.jpg

claw 3.jpg

claw 4.jpg

claw 5.jpg


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I'm layman in case of velociraptor skeleton, but I for me I looks AMAZING! What clay did you use exactly?


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The clay i used is from my school, it's just a regular stoneware clay but im not sure if it is mid-fire or high-fire since the professor takes care of the firing. I can ask if you wanted tonknow though :)

The claw looks kind of beige in the pictures but thats just due to the lighting, in person its just grey (of course this will be different ince its fired and painted)


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Finished the sculpt, fired it, and finished the paint job :)

Not the best painter in the world, but i'm pretty happy with how it came out. What do you think?

new claw 1 2.jpg

new claw 2.jpg
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