Velcro/Nylon'ing IRON MAN Armor


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I'll keep it simple and to the point:

Do I attach Velcro/Nylon/Magnets, etc. AFTER I prime/paint my armor, or BEFORE I paint/prime?

Can you explain to me why? I don't want to ruin anything as this will be my 1st build.

Please forgive me if I this has been asked a billion times before, or if I am asking in the wrong part of this community.


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Before mate. Do everything to get the suit looking good and fitting well. Painting is last. You can always mask off what you don't want paint getting on. No good painting it all up pretty then scuffing the buggery out of it while you make more adjustments.



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Information I will not soon forget. I searched just about everywhere for it. Nobody mentioned it once. Painting is last. No I can proceed. Thank you, Sandbagger.