Vegas Strip: Don't Tase Me Jack Sparrow Video


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Generally two intoxicated nitwits getting involved in an altercation with police and one said suspect being repeatedly tasered is any characteristic evening in Vegas, but what instigated this chain of events is a swindled sword from a Jack Sparrow street performer.

I don't know what caught my attention more, the three dozen taser hits the suspect took or the accuracy issues with Sparrow's attire...yup I officially spend way too much time here.

Don't Tase Me Jack Sparrow Video - Vegas Strip on
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Seriously,, what an idiot. He wants to show out and look tough for the crowd , only to end up screaming like a little girl, wetting his pants, and being dragged to the cruiser like a punk.
At least the people there didnt have to deal with him anymore,,,

Howd that work out for ya tough guy?
LOL!!!!! Yeah, best part is the Jack staying in character while talking to the police. He needed just a little bit of a swagger while talking though.
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